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Monday, July 03, 2006

A new online community is kicking-off:

Welcome to, a portal for all French people living abroad!

The concept is new and pretty simple: several million frogs currently and constantly live all around the world. We call them "Les Expats". They are most of the time wealthier than the average Frenchman, rather open-minded, and..terribly alone - at least in the beginning of their stay.

Ilan Abehassera, Nathanael Cohen and Jerôme Gorges, three very dynamic French (Internet , but not exclusively) entrepreneurs living in Miami, Florida, spotted the opportunity and opened for the "Expat" crowd a community portal.´s a meeting and networking place as well as an ads marketplace. And though only a Beta version, is already a big and growing success! A newer, final release of the website is to be launched soon, and more communities are being targeted for future developments (ItalianNetwork, GayNetwork, JewishNetwork, etc.). I´ll keep IT Addict readership posted of the new developments of the adventure!

One very last thing: the last time Ilan, Nathanael and I met, we went to a crazy place in South Beach, Miami. If you want to have some fun, I highly recommend you to take a look at Taverna Opa - a greek restaurant where people dance on tables when dessert/coffee time comes (their cheap Ouzo helps a lot too - but watch out the check, they often charge for twice what you´ve ordered). We came out so drunk that we thought there could be a market for an;


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