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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Business Week ranking: Top 100 IT companies

Soccer World Cup:
France 3 - 1 Spain

Top 100 IT Companies by Business Week:
France 1 - 2 Spain
(Cap Gemini ranks 72; Telefonica Moviles & Telefónica rank respectively 6 & 7)

This high-end comparison being written down, some interesting facts derived from this ranking should be highlighted:
- criteria are financial; company executives and hence employees behaviors, need to align with shareholder´s interests in order to be successful;
- Top 3 companies are all from emerging countries (Mexico & Taiwan);
- Where the hell are IBM? Adobe? Symantec? Business Objects? Comverse? Salesforce? AMD? etc.
- Accenture is the only huge Western IT services consulting company to appear in the ranking (where are CSC? Bearing Point? IBM - again?), and it interestingly outperforms Indian rivals (Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services);

I´m going to stop here with remarks since I could spend the night analyzing the results. The whole point of these highlights is that I highly recommend you to take a deep look into the chart.

Oups, I was almost forgetting...I have a business idea: what about opening a bartering e-commerce platform where France could trade its soccer skills against Spanish IT capabilities? What do you think is the most valuable?


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