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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

INSEAD just opened a Research Center on Entrepreneurship in Israel

Though a student at another leading European business school based near Paris (namely, HEC Paris), I have to say that INSEAD knows where to find the best research prospects. Fontainebleau & Singapore-based INSEAD has just opened a research center dedicated to Entrepreneurship in Israel (click here for official press release).

Some would like to say: why the hell in Israel, and not in Tallín (Estonia), Paris (France - where the word "entrepreneur" comes from), Bangalore (India), Boston (MA, USA), Shanghaï (China) or Palo Alto (CA, USA)?

The best answer you can get is obviously not from me, but from specialists. I was lucky enough in my life to get to meet fantastic people such as Pr. Wim Hulsink, Professeur of Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus Universiteit) - a University where I did a semester-long Erasmus International exchange. Pr. Willem Hulsink recently invited, during a workshop at the Royal Netherlands Association for Agricultural Sciences, a prominent specialist of Entrepreneurship: Pr. Uzi de Haan - a former CEO of Philips Israel & Professior at Technion Institute of Technology (Haïfa, Israel).

Here is a link to Pr. Uzi de Haan´s tremendously clear and telling presentation about clusters of innovation in Israel, and the country´s entrepreneurial capabilities.

I myself too part of an entrepreneurial adventure in Tel Aviv: an eBay-like devised specifically for Israel named iMarket. It´s been one of the greatest cultural and human experience in my life: building a project from scratch, dealing with all aspects of management in an entrepreneurial and technological intensive environment. Here´s a picture of about half the team:

The iMarket team out of work to bowling and a whisky at 11:00pm in Tel Aviv...Though pretty tired, we were all smiling because the person who took the picture was a very hot girl.

From left to right: Raphael Benzekri, a great hard-working, visionary CTO; Eran Dangot, whose superb people skills made of him the best sales manager of the company; Radi Isakharov, a very clever and talented Software Engineer; and I´m on the right-hand side of the picture.


  • Hi Jeremy, I feel flattered, but you rightly give Uzi de Haan a big compliment for his address at our Wageningen workshop. I am still working on him that he not only presents the Israel case but also writes it down in a chapter for the book I am editing at the time on High-tech clusters. I'll keep you posted. Have you met Uzi yet?

    All the best and congratulations with a great site! Wim

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/27/2006 11:50:00 PM  

  • Dear Wim,

    Thanks for the compliments. It´s only the beginning of my life as a blogger (well I hope it takes less than a life..).

    I´d be glad to read you book as soon as it is published. I believe IT Addict´s readership would be glad if you could post a link to the Amazon page. During my time in Rotterdam, it is true that clusters of innovation were already a hot topic, and the team was excellent at describing the European landscape (Orietta Marsili about Italy´s fashion districts; Erik Stam about gazelles´s environments; Wim Hulsink about the entrepreneurs´ needs for social networks (eg. Philips in Eindhoven, easily encountered in entrepreneurial environments, etc.). You had also recommended me this excellent book: Regional Advantage, about innovation culture approaches in Silicon Valley and Route 128.

    And to answer properly your last question, I´ve unfortunately never had the opportunity, and the honour, to meet Uzi de Haan yet. I just happened to know who he is since he is a extremely well-respected entrepreneurial figure in Israel. But I´d definitely be glad to see you very soon, and get to meet with Uzi!

    Truly yours,

    By Blogger Jeremy Fain, at 6/28/2006 09:48:00 AM  

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