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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"To google" officially becomes an English verb

The Merriam-Webster English dictionary has officially added "to google" as a verb, and "googling" as an action. Unsurprisingly, "google" means "to use the Google search engine to obtain information about (as a person) on the World Wide Web".

Impressive for an 8-years old company (at that time PhD students at Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the search engine in 1998), isn´t it?

Google is the third company I know having become a verb too. If "xerox" obviously means to copy, "cofacer" in French means to hedge one´s company again one´s international client failure-risk during an export transaction (COFACE is France´s main credit risk insurance company).

Picture credit: thanks to Jeff Clavier for the printscreen on the day of the Soccer World Cup Final (


  • I googled you Jeremy and, apparently, you are a Yale Alumni! Congratulation...Oh,wait...are you really? :)

    By Blogger Jedi, at 7/12/2006 11:18:00 AM  

  • No I´m not Jedi. You´re talking about another Jeremy Fain. As far as I know, there are 3 Jeremy Fain on Earth: 2 in the US, 1 in Europe.

    By Blogger Jeremy Fain, at 7/12/2006 11:25:00 AM  

  • Hi Jeremy,

    Your blog is very interesting!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I hope you will enjoy the reading of my former book (the new one called "L'Âge de Peer", is due next September...wait and see)

    Good entrepreunership :)

    take care,


    By Anonymous alban, at 7/12/2006 12:04:00 PM  

  • Hey Alban,

    Thanks for your comment too. Don´t worry, I won´t miss your next book. I will start reading the first one ASAP and let my readership know about it.

    I´m not entrepreneur yet, just a student very keen on innovation in general.

    By Blogger Jeremy Fain, at 7/12/2006 12:12:00 PM  

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