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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Why one should buy a storage solution @ Flash Memory Store

My background:
I´m not a technologist, yet - though I´ve experienced IT a lot as a simple customer. I´m in the process of graduating with a Master in Management from HEC Paris (, the leading French business university. However, I´ll be specializing in high tech next year, namely doing an additional Master-level course at Ecole Centrale Paris ( in computer science, telecommunications and project management. This track should provide me with the necessary tech knowledge, and know-how, to make IT Addict more and more technical with time going by.

Why you get to know about my background:
Because I´m hardly a technologist (so far), my posts for some time will probably relate experiences I´ve had as a customer (this very story for instance), or IT analyst (I read basically everything´s that related to IT in every major international paper every day, or every week when times are frantic; and I´ve worked as an IT stock analyst in Delhi, as a project manager in an Internet start-up in Tel Aviv, and a business development assistant in a Barcelona-based Venture Capital company). But your tech inputs are more than welcome, especially if you´re a sound, real geek: debates need depth to be relevant in today´s complex world.

The story:
We all need external storage solutions: think about all the private, precious data in your laptop that relies on your ability to avoid catching a virus! A 150€ move may secure a nice hedging strategy against information loss risks.
I decided to purchase an external hard-drive online, and found after researching the Internet an apparently pretty messy website, Flash Memory Store, which prices were rather low (not to say "dirt cheap"). 5 days after, I had received a nice QMemory 100BG mini-external drive. One week after, I was very happy about it when, coming back from a client in cold New Hampshire (USA) and having left my laptop in the trunk of the car, I found the hard drive frozen, like dead.
Though panicking since I had important stuff in it and only in it, I quickly found on Flash Memory Store the way I could sort things out: send it to their warehouse with all the details of my purchase, and they would return it fixed.
And you know what?
It worked. About a week later, I received a brand new external hard drive, with all the information previously stored in the frozen external memory drive in it! That´s what I call a nice online customer experience - who said online shopping is risky?

I´ve tried a lot of online stores in my life, and all I can say is that reviewing your vendors (on Amazon, eBay, etc.) and buzzing about great online stores (like is the only way to drive crooks (numerous on the net) out of business - for the sake of all.


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